Gerardo Silano

                                                            CEO, Producer, Director and Artistic Director Italy & U.K.



                                                            Gerardo Silano

                                                            Company Director


                                                            Member of the British Academy “BAFTA” Gerardo has been in the industry for over 20                                                               years as an actor and trained at the Mountview Academy, working with some amazing                                                                directors in T.V. Film and London theatres. His most recent project as a self shooting                                                                    director and producer took him to Kenya and shot a documentary for a charity known                                                                 as We Are The Children which involved solidarity and the cultural differences between                                                                 the children in the Apulia region and the Kenyan orphanages. Gerardo is now busy                                                                       raising funds for his feature project Apophthengesthai. "Utterance"



                                                            Emma Thomas                                    

                                                            Executive Producer  





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                                                            Antonella Greco

                                                            Production Manager Italy

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