Synopsis for Cizio_Apophthengesthai 

In the wine-growing Puglia, Alberobello, Southern Italy, a rustic small archaic fairytale-like village with its peculiar buildings, Trulli, Cizio, a nine-year old boy, a natural at playing the accordion, has one passion to be Batman. 

He is an only child of Annarita, a beautiful woman with a delicate health condition and submissive to his father Ferdinando, childlike and at times loving but not always a pleasant man. 

Cizio is busy getting into scrapes as "the Caped Crusader" supported by his best friends, Alfonso a 16 year - old lanky “gothic” orphan and Mariella a 28 year old mute down syndrome girl. 

Unfortunately Cizio doesn't always get it right and innocently, continues frustrating his father, as he is caught with his Batman costume, hanging from a crane, swung by his best friend Alfonso whilst Mariella dances around with her head held up high into the blue skies. 

His grandmother “Nonna” Lidia, a strong-minded widow, the only one who seems to cope with Ferdinando’s deceptive and illusive nature, has to leave for a number of days as she heads off to the capital, Cizio unfortunately is left alone at his fathers will. 

The day arrives when the village celebrates the patron twin Saints of Cosma and Damiano. Mario, the local gang leader, subjects Cizio to a task, while he blatantly offers Cizio some wine. Eager to please, Cizio agrees. He performs the task in front of the entire village; he is unaware that his father, provoking once again his reaction, is watching him.


Embarrassed and ashamed, Ferdinando cannot believe that Cizio could bring such dishonour and shame on the family. Cizio is then subjected to a terrifying brutal punishment and has the misfortune of ending up with a broken arm. He is now unable to perform at his school concert as he sits enviously, scrutinised, amongst the orchestra. 

The build-up of events provokes a light sudden illness to Annarita’s weak heart as she is admitted into hospital for a check up. Cizio, bored and alone in the barn, suddenly has friends turn up as he innocently conjures up and initiates a competition almost Russian Roulette like, following a leak which he desperately tries to fix; from one of the barrels, however ends up going terribly wrong as they, in an inebriated state, spill all of the new and fresh summer wine, Ferdinando’s proud and joy; as they dance in the wine like blooded pond, overwhelmed, jumping up and down with excitement and joy. 

On his arrival from the hospital, incandescent with rage, Ferdinando drags Cizio to his bedroom, gags and ties him to the bed post to punish him. 

Found by his distraught mother the following morning, Cizio, is rushed off to hospital and has to undergo a delicate surgery. 

The consequences are dire; which then brings to Ferdinando’s arrest. 

Through sheer determination, Cizio’s grandmother, coaxes his friends as they hatch a surprise plan. The arrival of a circus arena and the acrobats make Cizio’s dreams to float and fly like his hero Batman, come true. 

©Cizio_Apophthengesthai is unfortunately based on true events 

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